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RTD Processing Line

Ready To Drink (RTD) is a drink that is packed and ready to be marketed and consumption. RTD packaging is in the form of glass or plastic cups, bottles and cans. The example of RTD is tea drink, orange drink, UHT milk, cappuccino, soft drinks etc. RTD processing technology is evolve quickly to meet the demands of the market who want a sterile product, safe, nutritious, natural, and high quality standard.



RTD processing units start from utilities (water treatment, power plant, compressors, electrical, control, etc.); pre-treatment unit for raw materials such as extractor for coffee, tea and herbal; homogenization and mixing unit such as a homogenizer, liquid powder mixing pump, emulsification pump, tank mixing, pre solution tanks, mixing tanks double jacket, intermediet tank; sterilization units such as Tubular Heat Exchangers, Plate Heat Exchanger, Ultra High temperature; cooling system and CIP.


  • Investment is relatively low because the design of machines and equipment has high efficiency.
  • Energy consumption is relatively low so that optimum productivity can be achieved.
  • The operation of machinery and equipment is relatively easy
  • This machine has been designed to accommodate the use of various kinds/types of raw ingredients and to produce various RTD product.
  • The machines are designed to accommodate increasing capacity as well as new products development.
  • The design of and machines has been adjusted to the rules and standards of food safety.


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