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Super Fine Grinding Machine

Size reduction on solid material is intended to get it be easily consumpted, homogenious particle size, make it easily  mixing inter particles to get it more homogen, make it easily process of drying, and other process that relate with particle size.  Super fine grinding machine is designed to be able to reduce the size of solid product to be fine particle as fine as that of 500 mesh, even it can be much smaller size of 1000 mesh.

Working Principle and Benefit

This machines is consisted of main grinding body, particle collecting cyclone, dust collector, suction fan and control panel.  In main body is existed of a grinding room with a configured gear where fine particle is accumulated being continously suctioned to flow to particle collecting cyclone by suction fan.  Only fine particle is suctioned to flow to collecting cyclone, whereas that of less fine is continously grinded until being founded enough fine, which is then suctioned following the flow of the fine particle to flow to collecting cyclone, hence by this system, the only really fine particle that can be obtained.  There are 2 collecting cyclone which can collect 2 different particle size, that are of fine and less fine.  The particle being as fine as dust will be collected in dust collector, hence production room is not polluted by dust.


  • Capacity of machine can be big and bigger as needed
  • It's design is compact, hence easily put at place
  • Particle resulted is homogeneous fine (relatively homogen)
  • It does not pollute to production room with dust
  • Out coming of particle resulted can be continued.


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