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Oremco Jet Cooking Machine

Jet cooker system is intended to shorten the cooking time and this can be performed continuously. Jet cooker is designed to be able to produce cooking conditions at a temperature of 70 ° C - 100 ° C. Cooking and sterilization processes occur simultaneously at this temperature. In other words, the production process can be accelerated so that the productivity increases.

Working Principle and Benefit

Jet Cooker is used for cooking (heating) product in quick time. This machinery is consisted of the main part, the control panel, liquid powder mixing pump, steam generator, as well as other additional components that can be adjusted to the required capacity. The additional component is a mixing tank, pumps and storage tanks. Premix is made using liquid powder mixing pump. Ingredients such as flour, coloring agents, flavors and other ingredients is entered  through hoper of liquid powder mixing pump, then these ingredients will be mixed with water. This stage can be produced a homogeneous premix. The premix is met a “clean steam”  in the heating chamber, in a certain amount too and the flow is controlled by ESI (Electronic Steam Injection) system, until cooking and heating temperature reached.


  • High production capacity
  • The process of cooking and sterilization performed simultaneously.
  • The production process is fast
  • The production process can be done continuously
  • Low energy consumption
  • Operation of the machine is easy
  • Can be applied to wide range of food and beverage products.


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