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Oremco Compact Cooking Machine

This machine   does  not  require   a large  place and the  operation   is set by the  PLC. This machine   can be used to make  the  sharing  of products   and can be customized. Some of products   that  can be processed  with  this  ma- chine  are chili  sauce,  soy sauce,  RTD products,   syrup, juice,  ice cream,  mayonnaise,   jelly,  jam,  coffee  and  cap- puccino.


Features and Benefits

4-in-one feeding system
Process of material feeding, filtering, mixing, emulsifica- tion, and circulation are in one stage.

Direct Steam

Fast cooking.

Tubular Sterilization System

Sterilization process at the temperature of 97 - 100°C is faster and evenly. The nutrition, flavour and protein con- tent of product is not damaged by over - heated, it still be qualified.

Ready for Cooling and Storage

Cooling process and storage function has integrated before packaging and labelling process.

Automatic Control

All of control process and critical point (ingredient size, temperature, direct steam, sterilization and ma- terial transfer) could be controlled automatically.


  • For chili sauce, RTD, Syrup, juice, jelly was prepared with standard features
  • For soya sauce was prepared with added in-pipe filter.
  • For the mayonnaise, condensed milk and ice cream was prepared with added emulsification pump.
  • For drink coffee, cappucino and dairy products was prepared with added homogenizer.


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