Sterilization Unit

Sterilization plays a major role in preservation of food and beverage products, so it is absolutely to do in food and beverage industry. Sterilization function is for inactivate, damaging, and kill the microorganism cells using thermal process with a high temperature so it can extend products shelf-life.

Working Principle and Benefit

The main part is consisted of a balancing tank, water heating system, heat exchanging system, accessories and support fittings. Heat exchanging system used has two types, plate and tube. The materials from production process enter into the tank, then the materials will passed through to the heat exchanging system (plate or tube) to achieve sterilization effect in a certain time. On the heat exchanging system occurred temperature exchange between materials with heat source by conduction. As a result, the low-temperature materials will increase up to a certain temperature and the temperature of steam will decrease since to heat the materials.


  • This system can be used for heating, sterilization, heat preservation, and cooling.
  • Energy saving
  • Sterilization effect, extend products shelf life
  • Easy controlling and operating.
  • The capacity can be adjusted as needed.


Milk, fruit beverage, yoghurt, fruit juice, tea beverage, ice cream, soybean milk, and the other products.


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