Spray Dryer

Spray dryer  is one of the  new breakthrough   in food  and pharmaceutical    industries   to  produce   a  dry  powder   from liquid  material.  Spray dryer  is made with  advanced  technol- ogy with  high efficiency,  can produce  stable dry powder  and does  not  eliminate   volatile   material.   Spray dryer  is used to make a variety  of food,  beverages and pharmaceutical   products.

Working   principle

Air   enters    through     several    filtering     stages,   then heated  by steam  and electric   heating.  While  the  liquid  ma- terial  is pumped   into the  drying  chamber  through   a special nozzle  that  will  form  fog  (atom).   In the  drying  chamber   of hot  air contact   with   liquid   material.   The  hot  air will  bring the  water   molecules   to  the  outside   so that   the  only   re- maining  solids  (powder)   as the  final  product.


  1. Equipped  with  a control   system
  2. Equipped  with  high-tech   nozzle
  3. The  drying   room   is designed   so that   drying   reached rapidly


  1. Suitable  for  not  heat-resistant    dry  material
  2. Resulting   uniformity,    flow   ability,   good  solubility    and has a high degree  of purity   product.


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