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Principles  in Beverage  Emulsion

A mixture  of two  different   substances  polarity. e.g oil and water


Type Emulsion

  1. Oil in Water Emulsion (0 I W) e.g milk, coconut milk, latex, mayonnaise, salad dressings, ice cream, paint, etc.
  2. Emulsion Water in Oil (W I 0) e.g butter, margarine, shortening, lipstick, jam, cream, chocolate bars etc.

The affecting factors of emulsion stability: Homogenizing process, emulsifier, and stabilizer

Working principle

When product is flowing throught the adjustable valve, the particles or droplets present in emultion fluids with high pressure will be subdivided into the very smallest sizes ( 0,01 ~ 2 micro meter, rate 1 micro meter), becauce of pressure decrease, expansion, explosion, cutting and high speed impact- ing. Then the emultion could be produced.


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