Extraction Line

Separation or extraction using the solvent is one way to separate the desired component from a ingredient. The extract will be obtained in the form of liquid. While the powder form of the extract can be obtained using Spray Dryer.


Working Principle and Benefits

This machine consists of the extractors, evaporator, volatile regulator system, and cooling system. And followed by spray dryer. In the extraction stage, the natural ingredients are mixed with a solvent. This process is carried out in an extractor with the purpose to removing the desired component from the ingredients, so that the desired component dissolved in the solvent. After the components desired dissolved, the next stage is the evaporation process. At the end of this process, liquid form of high concentration of desired component will be obtained. To get the solid (powder) form, the liquid is mixed with a filler and then to be processed in the spray dryer.


  • The products have high quality
  • Machinery meet food safety standards
  • The machine is only requires a low  amount of  energy.
  • Can be used for the extraction of many types ingredient


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