Applicable range

Single effect, double effect and multiple  effect-falling   film evaporator   would   be use for  evaporated   of ingredient   such as milk,  fruit  juice,  biochemical    industry,   pharmacy,   condi- ment  and food  additives   to  be concentrate.


Heater,  separator,   condenser,   pre-heater,   vacuum  system, hot   pressure    pump,   electrical    appliance    meter,    control cabinet,  work  bench,  etc.


SUS 304  or  SUS 316L,  determined    in accordance   with  the material   technology

Product    characteristics

  1. Short  time   of  the   material    processing   in  the   heating tubes,  particularly    applicable   to  the  extraction    of material which   is not  resistant   in  high  temperature.     Charging   and additional    materials   are available   on an ongoing   basis.
  2. Low evaporation    temperature.     The effect  and temperature  of evaporator    can be selected   according   to  customer requirements.
  3. Mechanism   of film  distribution     in the  upwarding    spray with  special  heat from  the  evaporator,    using the  equal  film forming.
  4. The condenser   has a special  structure,    high  heat-transmission  coefficient.
  5. Adopt   heat-pressurized     injection    pump   with   energy- saving  effect.
  6. It  use the  manual   control,   so it  could  be accordanced with  the  customer   requirements


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