Emulsification Compact Machine

Emulsification Compact Machine is result of processing technology research that integrate multiple processes, such as mixing, cooking, homogenizing, and emulsifying in a compact system. The system designed to facilitate manufacturers in producing emulsification product like condensed milk that meet the applicable  quality standards. This system does not require a large place and the operation can be controlled centrally on the panel.

 Working Principle and Benefit

This machine is consisted of three main systems, feeding system, mixing and cooking, and material transfer. Products are inserted through the feeding tank and transferred to the mixing and cooking tank. Products will be mixed and got stirring evenly, while the product will get heating / pasteurization simultaneously in this system so that the product will receive heat evenly. The temperature can be controlled in the panel and the heating system that used will automatically stop if it reaches a  controlled temperature heating. Furthermore, the products will be circulated, stirred, and emulsified simultaneously using the emulsification pump to form a stable emulsion.


  • The machine capacity can be adjusted as needed
  • It's design is compact, hence easily put at place
  • The emulsion product has a good stability
  • Easy to use
  • One machine can perform a variety of processes, saving the use of machinery and energy.


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