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Conical Double Auger

Conical Double Auger (CDA) Mixer is the latest generation machine for mixing dry powder. Screw rotation and revolution in CDA allows homogeneity of the   mixture can be achieved in a short time. This mixer can be used in food industry, pharmaceutical and chemical.


  1. Features:
    Consists of fluid injector, main reduction gear, reduction gear, motor, reductor, driving head, swing arm, transmission case, conical body, screw, main motor and swing (outlet) valve.
  2. Two types of mixing systems; rotation and revolution. The mixture of the two movements will move in spirals, up and down, resulting an ideal mixing effects.


  • Dry mixing product could be homogeneous  and uniform.
  • Short mixing time
  • High productivity
  • Can be used to mix many types of dry powder  material.


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