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Colloid Mill

Wet milling can form small size materials, soften texture, assist the further process which related to paste-product process. Colloid Mill is designed system to help the process by combining several processes, such as crushing, mixing, emulsifying, and homogenizing product in one process so that it can increase stability of suspension and emulsion products. It can be solution for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries to produce a based colloid system products.


Working Principle and Benefit

The colloid mill reduces the particle size of a solid by applying shearing, grinding and high speed mixing. Grinding is accomplished by the relative motion of two gear profile inclines (one rotating at a high speed, the other being still). The product between the gear profile inclines are effectively dispersed, pulverized and homogenized under high levels of shearing force, friction, high-frequency vibration and other forces. As a result, product will be mixed homogenously and stable in long term.


  • Applicable for wide range of products
  • Applicable for products with varying viscosity
  • High efficiency; less of wasted material during process
  • Easy operation
  • Outcoming of product resulted can be continued (continuous)


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