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Design your processing line with our advantage technology

Supply you with our distinctive advantage designed machine and equipments

Solve your technical problems with our expertise

Support your new product development in our R&D laboratory

Optimize your ingredient use with our innovated process system

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About Us

Technology is part of non-separated matter in production process, and play very important in winning market competition, because technology advantage will result advantage in quality product. Technology advantage does not co-accident coming, but it is resulted from research and development which is applied then.

PT. Oremco Global Mandiri has conducted research and development in production system of food and drink. This application of technology is Oremco’s products which are offered to customers in term of production equipments and machines, although in term of machine unit or full production line, which will result various products with much advantage. There have been many companies of food and drink who entrust with Oremco to design and develop factory according to their needs since 3 years Oremco established.

Please entrust with Oremco to solve your technology problem which is faced in to get competitive advantage and product differentiation.

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PT. Oremco Global Mandiri

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